Beauty empties! Rounding up a few of the products I have finished lately – and why I love them. Many have been featured here time and time again but there are a few new products in the mix as well…


Moroccanoil // This is undoubtably my most used hair product. One, it helps to keep my hair healthy, and two, keeps and all my flyaways and fine strands in place when I create my signature low bun. I use this generously every day so I go through this product quite quickly.

Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water // This is a new-to-me product and I LOVE IT. My hair is fine and brittle and can break easily due to over highlighting for many years. This product makes my hair much smoother and shinier after just a few uses. I apply it between shampooing and conditioning. At under $10 I’ll be adding it to my permanent rotation.

Frizz Ease Mousse // Okay, this product is formulated to create curls, but I apply to damp hair in order to add more hold to my low bun. I have been using this for about three years and have yet to find a mousse that is more effective.

Kerastace Heat Protectants // I typically use this blow dry lotion, but occasionally switch it up and use this product and this product. I find them all to be effective – and smell quite amazing! While I do not fully blow dry my hair to avoid heat damage, I do typically blow dry each day for about 3-4 minutes. Even with just a few minutes of heat application, I make sure to use at least one of these products to protect my hair!


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream // As you know, I love Charlotte Tilbury products (see my beauty routine here)! I finished yet another tub this month and have been busy trying a few different face lotions. I have been alternating between this lotion and this lotion at night and love how they leave my skin feeling hydrated but not greasy. While I am a Magic Cream stan I am trying the Augustine Bader rich cream as well. The rich cream is included in this adorable gift set (I am talking about a few more of the products from the gift set below) and it was the perfect opportunity to try this cream that I have been hearing about for so long!

Bliss Body Butter // This is another staple in my beauty cabinet. This lotion is affordable, rich, and features a light, fresh scent. From super balmy Florida summer days, to frigid NYC winter weeks, this lotion works all year round for me!

A Few Bath Essentials! // As I mentioned, this gift set is out-of-this-world. I have been using some of the products I already know and love as well asĀ  discovering some new favorites. I have quickly gone through the Fireside shower and bath gel, Aromatherapy Associates shower oil, and Bamford body wash. You can see all the products in the set here!