Après Ski Clothing: How to Look Chic & Stay Warm

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For the first time in years, I am headed out west to go skiing and I absolutely cannot wait. I haven’t stepped into skis since 2018 (which I can’t believe) so I will be slowly easing back into the sport. While my closet is full of resort wear and warm weather clothing, I was in dire need of an après ski clothing refresh. This seemed like the perfect excuse to do some shopping (but really, who needs an excuse!)

Today I’ll be sharing some of the items that I’ve ordered for both skiing and kicking back with friends. Because, as we all know, the activities following a day on the slopes are just as fun and possibly even more worthy of a new outfit!

Packing for a Ski Vacation

We’re preparing for a fun ski week in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and I’m so excited! Back when I lived in New York and was traveling more often, I had a lot more snow gear. But over the past few years, with our move to Florida, I’ve donated so many of these pieces. So, I’ve been doing a lot of prepping for this trip!

I’m packing for what I’ll be wearing both on the mountain and back at the resort. My suitcase will be filled with a lot of ski gear and, of course, some fun après ski clothing thrown in. My goal was to find outfits that are versatile and practical, while also being IG-worthy! And I’ll be overpacking, like usual, because it’s just too hard not to.

What is Après Ski Clothing?

While dressing for the slopes can certainly be fun, many might argue that putting together an après ski outfit is even more exciting. If you’re not familiar with the term, “après ski” originated from the French phrase meaning “after skiing”. First made popular in the 1950s, this term refers to all types of post-ski activities. This includes everything from champagne toasts and dances to craft beers and kicking back around a fire pit.

Personally, I think these afternoon and nighttime activities are just as delightful as taking runs down the mountain. After a full day of skiing, I am typically ready to kick back, have a little snack and drink, and hang with friends. Oftentimes I will just stay in my gear for this. But, there will be a few days during this trip that I won’t be skiing. So I’ll be packing more après ski clothing for those days!

Après Ski Clothing 2024

Many of the ski looks that I’ll be wearing on the slopes can easily transition to a social setting. So be sure to keep reading for more details on those pieces! However, on the days that I have decided to take it easy and not ski (spa perhaps?!), I still plan on meeting up with the rest of our group. Therefore, I have been on the hunt for some après ski outfit ideas for these days in particular. I was hoping to find pieces that were not only casual and comfortable, but also warm enough to hang outdoors for a few hours. Here are some of the top styles that I’ve come across…

Après Ski Outfit: Dress + Blazer + Boots

First up is a great dress, boot, and blazer combo! I bought this black turtleneck dress as a fancier après ski outfit to wear out to dinner while in Steamboat Springs. I plan to pair it with these knee high boots, this brown blazer, and this Western-style belt. As witnessed here, I have recently been on a blazer and belt kick! I plan on topping this whole look off with a big vintage coat from my closet, this rancher hat, and this wool scarf. I really love the versatility of this look. Not only does it work as après ski clothing, but is also dressy enough to transition to a steak dinner date!

Après Ski Outfit: Sweater + Jacket + Jeans

I also plan on packing a fun denim look, for a more casual gathering. The inspiration for this après ski outfit all started with this patchwork jacket. Clearly, this piece is meant to be worn at a fireside get together. I plan to wear it with a great pair of light wash denim and these shearling lug sole boots. I am thinking that I will add some navy touches with this classic cable-knit sweater and a beanie!

Aprè Ski Clothing: The Extras

No outfit, not even an après ski outfit, is complete without some fun accessories and shoes (when you aren’t in your skis!) Luckily, there are tons of great styles available in both of these categories.


When it comes to fancy footwear, I finally joined in with the rest of the internet girlies and picked up a pair of Moon Boots for our trip. These have become a sort of après ski clothing cult item. I love that they come in so many fun colors. However, knowing these will last me for years and that I want them to go with multiple outfits, I let my rational side win and ended up buying the classic black style. However, it’s worth checking out all of the crazy color combos they offer here.

Additionally, I have held onto the white version of these boots for years, and they will be making the trip as well! You can see me wearing them the last time I went skiing in this post.


When it comes to accessories for this trip, I haven’t quite finished all of my shopping. But so far, I am eyeing this cashmere beanie on Amazon and these snow gloves. I am also on the hunt for a great scarf to bring along. Of course, the most important “accessory” is sunscreen! I always pack this sunscreen and this SPF lip balm. I carry these along when I’m hitting the slopes and also when I’m sipping a cocktail by the harsh afternoon mountainside sun.

Best Ski Clothing

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While the main focus of this post is après ski outfit ideas, I did want to highlight what I’ll be wearing while actually skiing as well. Dressing for fireside cocktails is undoubtedly fun, but it’s also possible to find some really fashionable ski pieces!

Base Layers

I have always been someone who gets easily cold. And this has only gotten worse since spending more time in Florida. When it comes to ski gear, I want to be stylish, but ALSO warm and comfortable. Base layers are so important to keeping your core warm, so I am starting there!

Uniqlo has been a staple of mine for years (you can see me styling some of the fall pieces here). They make incredibly warm base layers that also happen to be some of the best price points. I ended up buying these leggings, this crew neck and this turtleneck. I also bought a few pairs of their socks. After reading a lot of online reviews, it seems that Uniqlo’s HEATTECH line is the best value for the price. All of these pieces can easily be layered under après ski clothing during the evenings as well!

Skiing in Style

Okay, now onto the fun stuff! I have been on the hunt for a few looks that are not only functional, but also fashionable. Perfect Moment has been on my radar for some time. After looking through their current selection, I landed on this star ski suit, these houndstooth flared pants, and this retro sweater. I figured the sweater will also make for a chic après ski outfit. All I’ll need to do is change up the bottoms. Speaking of bottoms, I have also been eyeing these flared ski pants in pink!

On the jacket front, I am pretty covered, as I did hang onto a number of my Moncler jackets that I bought on The RealReal years ago. Speaking of, be sure to check out my previous post on how I shop on the RealReal. I should also note, I love finding great off-season deals here. For example, you might spot a Moncler jacket deeply discounted in July or a pair of designer sandals on sale in January!

Après Ski Clothing Favorites

If your upcoming travel wardrobe looks a little less like tropical resort wear and a little more like après ski clothing, I hope this post gets you excited to dress for the slopes! For additional cold weather outfit inspiration, be sure to check out these Adidas Gazelle outfit ideas as well as these blazer and belt combinations. I’ll post my Colorado outfits as I wear them on my looks page, so keep checking back!