It’s always refreshing to see collaboration over competition happen in the retail and fashion space. I love when brands bring their strengths and come together to create something new and fun and exciting for their customers. Below are five new cool collaborations to keep on your radar as we head into summer…

cool collaborations atlantic-pacific


This incredible collaboration just dropped and features retro athletic gear inspired by iconic 90’s style. The collection features a colorful California-cool take on the iconic New Balance 997 sneaker as well as leggings, crop tops, multicolored track pants, bike shorts, and more. This is Staud’s first dip into the activewear space, and I hope not their last! I placed a pre-order today for the performance leggings (in navy) as well as the colorful 997s (duh!).

cool collaborations atlantic-pacific


This new 8 piece swim collection is the first design collaboration from Summersalt. The “Brushstroke Collection” combines data backed fit (Summersalt has over 1.5 million body measurements taken from 10,000 women!) with with Tanya Taylor’s hand-painted prints. The swim sizes range from 2 – 22 and the wrap skirt goes up to 2X. I think I need this suit.

cool collaborations atlantic-pacific


This 10-piece collaboration brings jewelry to your feet! MYSTIQUE is famous for their jeweled and embellished sandals, all handmade by artisans in Bali, while Stephanie Gottlieb is a fun and colorful direct to consumer fine jewelry brand out of New York City. This collab is perfect for the warm weather ahead and combines Stephanie’s signature rainbow stones and pearl accents with some of MYSTIQUE’s most classic silhouettes. Stephanie so generously gifted me this beautiful pair and I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can style them back to all of my bright-colored summer looks.

cool collaborations atlantic-pacific


What a pleasant (and unexpected) surprise to see iconic jewelry designer, Jennifer Fisher, take her talents to the furniture and decor world. Her stunning collection uses marble as a grounding material and carries touches of her jewelry design details throughout. The result is chic and contemporary and tasteful. I’m particularly loving the sophisticated marbleized dishware in the collection. This swirl black-and-white dinner plate, soup bowl, and coffee mug are modern classics.

cool collaborations atlantic-pacific


Clare V. brins her signature Parisian charm to Anthropologie! The collection is a playful, primary, graphic take on a full range of accessories, from monogrammed journals and maisonette trays, to beach chairs and bamboo bento boxes. It is all SO FUN. These adorable little souvenir trays are my personal pick!


There are quite a few new readers here so I thought it would be fun to do another round of 30 random things about me! My original post is here from last year!

  1. I can’t stand ranch dressing or mayonnaise.
  2. My middle name is Elise. Blair Elise Eadie.
  3. I am a night owl.
  4. I love Gushers – my favorite snack. Second favorite? Goldfish.
  5. For the past 4 years I have worn Stila ‘Baci’ almost every day.
  6. The Mendoza region of Argentina, Northern Ireland, and Morocco are all on my travel bucket list.
  7. Growing up I worked at a doctor’s office, a spa, at Starbucks (in the mall!), a real estate office, Wet Seal, a catering company, and at Saks Fifth Avenue. After college, Gap Inc. and Tory Burch.
  8. My first designer bag was the Gucci Horsebit Hobo – I still have it!
  9. I had never tried sushi until college. In college my girlfriends and I would have Sunday sushi dates. To this day I still crave sushi on Sundays.
  10. I just got my driver’s license back after 8 years of not driving (don’t worry nothing happened, I just didn’t have a need for it in NYC and let mine lapse). Meep meep.
  11. I took a bowling class in college and I don’t think my parents will ever let me forget it.
  12. My worst habit is pulling out my eyelashes. Gross, I know.
  13. In high school I competed in Track & Field/Cross Country and also played Lacrosse.
  14. While I love both, I prefer a pool over the beach.
  15. I’ve lived in the West Village, NYC and more recently in Dumbo, Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn but miss Manhattan.
  16. My favorite T.V. show is Law & Order SVU. I have a huge crush on Mariska Hargitay.
  17. I love the summer and being hot. Sometimes I turn on car seat heaters even when its warm outside.
  18. Currently, my three favorite Instagram accounts to follow are the dogist, alfie the alpaca and upworthy.
  19. I got stitches for the first time in my life last summer. A bottle was dropped and the glass cut my foot.
  20. While living in San Francisco, my best friend and I wanted to be roommates, but also wanted our own space. Our solution was to move into separate apartments in the same building. Problem solved!
  21. My dream car is a Fiat Jolly.
  22. I am a Gemini, but don’t really believe in anything zodiac related.
  23. My birthday is May 27th – I am turning 35 this year!
  24. My first job in corporate Merchandising was managing men’s basic socks and underwear at Old Navy HQ. Thrilling times.
  25. I am a horrible dancer and an equally horrible singer.
  26. I love crushed ice.
  27. Tokyo and Paris are my favorite cities to visit.
  28. I don’t like anything near my Achilles tendon. For some reason it really freaks me out. In NYC, if someone has a pushcart behind me I have no problem crossing the street as I am convinced it will be run into the back of my leg.
  29. I always paint my own nails. I do it nearly twice a week.
  30. My celebrity crushes are Matthew Gray Gubler, Cillian Murphy, and Charlie Hunnam.


The spring sales have started and there is A LOT to browse. I took a spin through all the markdowns and have highlighted some of my favorite dresses, jackets, skirts and shoes that are now discounted. Scroll through to see what I am eyeing!


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one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven


one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven


one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven