travel beauty atlantic-pacific Last year I posted a round up of what I pack in my in-flight toiletry bag and today I am updating that collection with a few new travel beauty must-haves and more favorites! Whether it is a quick trip from NYC to Florida, or a longer flight (like the 14+ hour flight to Asia), I always like to keep a small bag full of the few things I know will make the trip just a little more comfortable. While there are a few staples like a pen (always come in handy), band-aids for unexpected blisters, a comb, toothbrush/toothpaste, and something to keep my mouth minty fresh, below I am also highlighting some of my more luxurious in-flight besties.

EO Hand Sanitizer // I always carry hand sanitizer and this lavender scented number is by far my favorite. Travel sized, effective, and in-expensive, this lil’ one goes everywhere with me. I typically buy them in bulk and toss one in each of my most used handbags so I’ll never be without!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray // This facial spray is a fine mist that has just a touch of scent so as not to be overbearing. The spray is the perfect way to start and end flights and helps my face feel so much less dry and refreshed after the long-hauls.

Lanolips 101 Ointment // While this ointment is technically a do-it-all ointment (think dry cuticles, treating windburn, etc.), I use this mostly for my dry, chapped lips! I personally love the strawberry scent but it also available in ‘coconutter’ here.

Megababe Sunny Pits // Let’s get real: on the really long flights you need deodorant for a handy mid flight re-fresh. I love Megababe and ‘Sunny Pits‘ is what I have been using as of late. P.S. – Megababe just launched a new product here!

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil // For overnight flights I try to stick as closely as possible to the same skin care routine that I would do at home! I love this travel-sized bottle of the Luna Sleeping Night Oil. I apply it after settling in with hopes of catching a few Zzzs on redeye flights back from the west coast. P.S. – this sleep mask is my all-time favorite.

Juice Beauty Age Defy Moisturizer // In addition to a facial spray, I typically carry face cream with me on all flights as well. This moisturizer is a favorite of mine and is available in a handy travel size here. When it comes to moisturizers in general, I am always on the hunt for products that last, are not sticky, and don’t have an overpowering scent. This one fits the bill.

Travel Bottles & My Favorite Body Lotion // I mentioned in my most recent “Favorite Amazon Buys” post here that I just picked up these re-useable travel bottles – and they are incredible! Currently, I am on a flight to Seattle and they are by my side and filled with my favorite lotion.

Emergen-C & 8 Greens // We all know flights are the perfect place to catch a virus so I always pack packets of Emergen-C and 8 Greens. Of course, this means I have to try my best to drink water as well! I have known about Emergen-C for quite some time but 8 Greens is new to me. 8 Greens packs a mean punch of eight different greens that you can take while on-the-go, and to my surprise, I actually love the taste!