Once every few months I update my Q&A page on Atlantic-Pacific as well as over on Instagram! I do get quite a few repeat questions (I am highlighting them below) but today I am answering some of the newer questions based on what you were interested in via Instagram Stories. For more information, you can see my first Q&A here, updated Q&A here, my blogging story here, and my career path story here!

Some other frequently asked questions with links!

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Q: Are you in Florida now full-time? Did you move to Florida? Did you leave NYC forever? Where is your home in Florida?

A: Lots of questions about Florida! We bought a house in Florida three years ago (specifically on the west coast in Sarasota, Florida) with the intention of spending quality time down here, while still calling NYC home. We have been quarantined in Florida now for weeks, and like many of you, are unsure when the country will “open back up” and when it will be safe to travel. We had planned to spend most of January and February in Florida finishing the house and then head back to NYC in a more full-time capacity in March, but obviously that plan has changed. We hope to be back in NYC soon (when it is safe and responsible to travel and day-to-day life has resumed) but for now we are staying put down in Florida!

Q: Has Covid19 changed your view of your business? If so how?

A: Covid19 and it’s aftermath is not something I could have ever imagined or anticipated. While it has made me think differently about so many aspects of my life – what I am grateful for, the future of healthcare, my thoughts on travel…the list goes on…I hope that Atlantic-Pacific can change and evolve, but with the heart of what I do remaining focused on fashion and style. The pandemic has made me think a lot about the impact of the fashion industry and the role it plays in the world – both the positives and the negatives. From a day to day standpoint I have always been fiscally disciplined (do not have a large team or carry expensive overhead costs) and this has allowed me to make more strategic decisions when it comes to running the business even when partnerships and opportunities are delayed. I have always been weary of how fickle and fragile the entire fashion industry is, and unfortunately, have always prepared for the worst. My hope is that I can continue on the path I have been on, but with more understanding and empathy.

Q: Favorite perfume?

A: I am always switching it up my perfumes, but right now, I am loving this scent from Jo Malone.

Q: How old are you?

A: 34!

Q: Favorite snacks?

A: Haribo gummi candy, gushers, kettle cooked chips, or cheese. Quite the list I know ;).

Q: How are you?

A: Thanks for asking! I am okay. These past few weeks have brought some really high highs and some really low lows. Like many of you, I have a lot of heightened emotions right now and I have good days and bad days. Overall I try to stay focused on day to day tasks and remind myself of all the things I have to be grateful for. I am really thankful for all of your support, especially in these uncertain times. I am also so very thankful to be in Florida where I am able to get outside for fresh air and sunshine. But, I have really been missing NYC lately.

Q: Will you take us back to some of your old school blogging photos?

A: I am actually going to do that next week! April 19th marks my ten year blog anniversary! Can you believe it? While it comes at such an uncertain time, I am so grateful for all the love and support this community has shown me over the past decade. If you are brave, you can check out my first blog post ever right here! The photos were taken on my point and shoot camera on a rooftop in San Francisco by my best friend. I hate to admit this, but I still own this dress. 🙂

Q: When is your spring line launching?

A: For those who may not follow closely here, I have an ongoing product collaboration with Nordstrom and Halogen. It has been a dream working with such an amazing team of people who love what they do and their customers. To be honest, we had planned to launch the collection this week, but based on the current climate, we agreed it was best to delay the launch. I am hoping I can share more details on the new launch date soon. Both the Nordstrom team and I put so much hard work and love into this collection (the only warm weather collection over the two year partnership!) so when it does eventually launch I hope you love it as much as we do.

Q: How are you keeping busy during isolation? Have you been taking up cooking?

A: LOL. I have realized even with the gift of time, cooking is not my strong suit. I am trying to cook a bit more but have mostly been working on the house, doing everything from finishing up small projects to tackling a few bigger items like resealing the pool deck, finishing landscaping, and some super unsexy things like scrubbing gutters and pressure washing.

Q: Where are your pink armchairs from? What is the green color in your guest room? Where is your leather couch from?

A: The pink armchairs are from TOV and you can shop them here. The green paint color is Benjamin Moore ‘Summer’s Day’ color number 780. The leather couch is here from CB2 – I have the extra large model, but there is also a smaller version.