The Sephora Beauty Insider event is upon us! If you have Rouge status you’ll save 20% through 5/1 using the code SPRINGSAVE. Savings for VIB members start tomorrow – with the same code you’ll save 15%. And 10% savings for Insiders begins on 4/23. This event only happens twice per year, so take advantage! Below I am breaking down some of my all-time favorites that are now on sale…


THIS BLOW DRY LOTION – I swear by this Kerastase blow dry lotion. While I have been trying to cut back on excessive heat application to my hair for some time now, when I do have to blow dry, I always make sure to use this product. It is lightweight, effective, and doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy, greasy, or frizzy. What more can you ask for? I have also used the Kerastase blow dry creme, which is also effective, but I prefer the lotion when I am wearing my hair down as it is lighter in weight compared to the creme (I will use either when doing my signature low bun). I have tried a few other heat protectant lotions and cremes including this creme, but found them to be much too heavy and greasy for my fine hair, and left my hair feeling quite sticky.

THE BEST BLOWDRYER – Speaking of heat, this is my all-time favorite blowdryer. It is fast and reliable, in fact, I’ve been using mine for years! To cut back on how much heat I apply to my hair (when I decide to wear it down) I use this hair wrap to get my hair as dry as possible before applying my blowdry lotion and then blow drying!

MY FAVORITE STYLING PRODUCTS – I use quite a few styling products to produce my sleek bun look. At the top of my list are this hair oil, this serum, and this oil spray to finish! I have been using all of these products for 2+ years and swear by them. When it comes to mousse or hair spray, I typically stick to my tried-and-true drugstore finds!


HYDRATING LOTIONS THAT WORK – As you know I swear by Charlotte Tilbury products! I use this lotion as my daily moisturizer, applying in the AM before starting my makeup routine (seen here). I love this lotion because it is super hydrating and thick. As for my nighttime routine, I have been using this lotion and highly recommend it. It is much more lightweight and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy after a good night’s rest!

TWO TERRIFIC TANNERS – I have talked about both of these products again and again. I am loyal to Dr. Dennis Gross tanning pads (for the face here and for the body here) and have been using them for nearly five years! More recently, I discovered Tan-Luxe and have found it to be a great option as well! I am particularly smitten with the face formula. All of these products are easy to apply, don’t streak, and don’t carry that horrible faux-tanner smell!

A LITTLE EYE LOVE – I don’t use a ton of eye specific products (such as under eye creams), but I happen to find these gel eye patches to be extremely effective and soothing. They feel so comfortable when applied and also reduce puffiness. I don’t use them on a daily basis, but do try to apply them every weeks in the morning! I have been tempted to try these eye patches that Grace Atwood raves about.

THE SERUMS I SWEAR BY – I have been using this serum and this brightening booster every day prior to applying my daily lotion. I have immediately noticed such a difference in my skin. While these products on are on the pricey side, they truly work wonders!


CHARLOTTLE TILBURY FTW – You can see my daily make-up routine here! I will be stocking up on some of my favorite make-up must haves including this product I use in place of traditional foundation, as well as this conturing set. Outside of the famous Charlottle Tilbury lotion, these have to be my two favorite CT products.

CLEAN CAT EYEThis Stila eyeliner is pure perfection…and according to the Sephora site, apparently over 300K people agree! I have been using this product for years and years and have never found anything that can compete with this famous liquid eyeliner. I have oily lids, so finding a liquid liner that doesn’t run is key for me. And believe me, this one IS IT!

SET IT AND FORGET IT – I product you will see mentioned again and again on Atlantic-Pacific is this make-up setting spray. It goes on in a super fine mist, lasts for hours and hours, and performs in all conditions (including the freezing NYC winters as well as the humid Florida summers)!

Below are some of the products I am considering adding to cart! All items I have not tried before but keep popping up on my radar!