Every few months over here on Atlantic-Pacific I like to answer some new (and some recurring) questions that I have received via comments, emails, and DMs. Today I am rounding up some recently asked questions below. To revisit FAQ posts that cover topics such as my hair routine, my beauty routine, my career path, and more, click here. You can also see older Q&A posts here, here, and here.

Question: I loved your Nordstrom collection! Do you have any future fashion collaborations in the works?

Answer: I started with this question because after taking a brief collaboration break, I am kicking off 2022 with something REALLY FUN – a new accessories collaboration! I will be sharing more at the beginning of March when we have a solidified our launch date and I’ll have more assets to share. This project has been in the works for almost two years and I am so thrilled and nervous and excited to bring it to life!

Question: Can you share some wedding guest ideas for black tie as well as ideas for a spring wedding? Essentially, I got a lot of questions about wedding guest attire so I just combined into this one question.

Answer: See some of my favorite below:

Black Tie: Okay, for black tie I would opt for floor length. I know some cocktail dresses could for sure be deemed appropriate, but since this is the most formal of all dress codes why not go all out?! I am loving this bright gown, this metallic one that would be super easy to accessorize, as well as this printed one. I would also check out Alexia Maria (I love all their pieces) and The Real Real, where you can find so many great STEALS on formal dresses!

Spring Wedding: I would love to show up in this dress, this dress, or this dress…and if money were no object I would be strolling in wearing this.

Question: Will you share a few statement earrings brands that you love?

Answer: Breaking news: I want ALL of the statement earrings! Some of my favorite places to go and brands to shop for fun statement earrings include the following:

Question: What is your closet like? How do you organize it? Will you do a tour?

Answer: Now that we are spending more time in Florida in an old house, I do not have a huge closet. During our renovation we didn’t build out the closets anticipating we would live here full time. So, I have really edited down my wardrobe (selling a lot of pieces online!) and most of my forever pieces I keep in a storage unit. I am constantly cleaning and editing my closet to make room for the new and to get rid of things I haven’t worn in ages. For ages when we were in NYC I was really bad at ‘letting go’ but I have forced myself lately to really clean house! I organize my closet by silhouette so skirt together, tops together, dresses together, etc. Since we have less closet space I have been much better about staying organized, always making sure to maximize our space! To that end, as different pieces sit in different places, unfortunately I don’t think a closet tour would be all that interesting!

Question: As I am building my wardrobe, what pieces should I invest in?

Answer: I think you should spend the most money on the items you personally will wear the most. For example, I love skirts, so for me, I don’t mind investing in that category as I know they will get a ton of wear and use. Skirts aren’t typically an item you would see on one of those generic ‘where to invest in your closet’ articles because for most people that may not make sense. But for me, and the way I dress, it does! You should really think about the cost per wear and that will help you understand where you will get the most bang for your buck. I would say handbags fall in that category for me as well! What you invest in should be directly correlated to HOW YOU prefer to dress each day.

Question: Would you ever be interested in becoming a stylist or a personal shopper?

Answer: No, not really. I never say never, but that has not been a big draw for me. It takes such a different skill set to dress clients versus dressing yourself. I enjoy dressing myself and sharing what I am currently loving, but I don’t think I would find as much joy in dressing others and trying to help them find the pieces and styes that speak to them. I have a ton of respect for those out there in the personal shopping and styling world as it is not an easy job!

Question: What are your plans and/or goals for 2022?

Answer: Some of my plans and goals for 2022 include:

  • Finding ways to evolve with the industry while staying true to myself. For me this means exploring more video content, testing new platforms, and connecting with new partners while staying true to the core of what I do.
  • Establishing a better work-life balance. When I am not working I hope to be more intentional with my ‘free time’. Sometimes I find myself a bit lost when I am not working and I instinctively just pick up my phone and mindlessly scroll. That is totally okay, but I want to be more intentional with my time going forward and focus more on things like picking up new hobbies, reading, volunteering, and running. I just finished my 6th book of 2022 and just recently signed up to become a volunteer at a local organization that I love. It’s a good start but I need to keep the momentum up throughout the year!
  • Put myself out there more. The older I get, the more I have to put in effort to meet new people and seek out new friendships. I have been a bit lazy on that front (the combination of living in a new place and a pandemic) so I am trying to say yes to more invites, initiate more coffee dates, and overall just be more open to meeting people.