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Once every few months I update my Q&A page on Atlantic-Pacific as well as over on Instagram! I do get quite a few repeat questions, which are highlighted for your reference below. Today I am answering some of the more frequent questions that have come through via my IG Stories prompt a few days ago!

For more information on me, you can see the first Q&A here, the updated Q&A here, read about my blogging journey here, and learn more about my career path here! Some other frequently asked questions with links…

Q: How do you achieve your low bun hair? See my tutorial here.

Q: What is your everyday make up routine? See it here.

Q: What are your favorite locations to photograph in NYC? See them all here.

Q: How do you edit your photos? My tips and tricks here.

Q: Are you married? Are you posting any wedding content? Can we see your dress?

A: Yes, I am married, but will not being sharing any wedding content. I don’t share much about my personal life as I try to keep my content focused mainly on fashion and style with just a touch of beauty and home sprinkled in where it makes sense. I protect my relationships, which is why you won’t see a lot about my family, friends, or husband on Atlantic-Pacific. I didn’t share my engagement and noted that I most likely wouldn’t share my wedding, which I ultimately decided not to. I had not planned on having a traditional wedding or dress – and I didn’t!

Q: Next collection with Nordstrom?

A: The next (and final!) collection with Nordstrom will drop this fall – in October! It is one of my favorite collections to date. Our multi-year contract with Nordstrom is set to expire at the end of this year, so this will be the last collection. It has been such a rewarding, fun, and challenging (in the best way possible) project to work on. I admire the Nordstrom team so much for their enthusiasm, creativity, drive, and deep love and appreciation they have for their customers. I am so excited for October, but it is certainly bittersweet as well.

Q: Are you returning to NYC?

A: This is question I keep asking myself! We were already down in our Florida home the first week in March when the COVID situation across the US, but specifically in NYC, turned from bad to worse. We decided to stay in Florida where we had more room and had planned on returning to NYC when it was absolutely safe. Since we can essentially work from anywhere, we felt it was best for us to err on the side of caution and set an example to not travel. The virus has all of us guessing as to what is next, and at the moment, we have no set plans to return to NYC in the near future. This pandemic has me, like many other people, reprioritizing my life and looking at what is truly important. We love NYC for the culture, food, and people. I certainly miss the incredible network of friends I have made as well as the amazing work opportunities (meetings, events, etc) that arise from being in the city. Right now so many of those things are not happening, and if they are, it is in such a limited capacity. Will I return to NYC? I sure hope so! BUT FOR NOW PLEASE CONTINUE TO ENJOY ALL OF THE COLORED WALL CONTENT.

Q: How has COVID affected you? Will this change things for you?

A: Let me first start by saying I am so fortunate to be in good health and for all of my family members to be healthy during this time as well. COVID has touched so many different aspects of my life, from where I am living, to the future of the business, to reevaluating what is important to me and my family. I certainly has affected me, and will continue to do so. I have also thought a lot more about community and what it means to be part of one and give back, especially in moments like this, when so many people are heavily impacted emotionally and financially.

I have always been a long term planner, so I feel fortunate that while our business took a pause and many other campaigns and projects were put on hold, we can continue down the path I have always traveled: sharing my love of fashion and style. I’m trying to stay in the moment and take things one day (and one week) at a time!

Q: Any summer travel?

A: Nope! I am staying put, especially now with the rising cases in Florida. I am trying to protect the health of those around me and lead by example, so traveling is not in my near future. I understand there are certain circumstances where some people must travel and others where people have found safe ways to travel. It is a personal choice and I am by no means an expert on appropriate COVID measures, but I am using the information I have to make the most informed decisions that will positively affect myself, my family, and my community. For me, I am recognizing that I do not truly need to travel right now and I am fortunate to continue to work from home. So that’s what I am doing! Do I miss traveling? Do I miss NYC? Um, more than you know! Like everyone, I hope there will be developments in the coming weeks and months that will allow travel for leisure to be a safe option.

Q: Sarasota recommendations? I just moved there! 

A: Congratulations – it is such a pretty area! Understandably, at the moment, many things are not 100% up and running in the state of Florida, and specifically in Sarasota, but I am happy to share a few of the places here that I love. A few of my favorite places to eat include Owen’s Fish Camp, Shore Longboat Key, Nancy’s BBQ, SCOB (Siesta Key Oyster Bar), Artisan Cheese Company (for lunch!), Morton’s Market, Napulé, and Walt’s Fish Market. For takeout we love JPAN for sushi and Mellow Mushroom for pizza (blame it on my U.F. days). The beaches here are stunning and the county did such a fantastic job with the new facilities and parking updates to the Siesta Public beach. I love being down here and taking long bike rides from Siesta Key through Cherokee Park, into Southside Village, and into Downtown. I have found Sarasota to be very bike friendly!

Q: Any more on your house? Can we see a tour?

A: I actually have some additional pictures of my home here and here. We are currently working to decorate the secondary unit, our main bedroom, and all of the outdoor patio areas. The office is also on our list! I am hoping to share those spaces in the next month or so!

Q: Where are your pink chairs from? Do you like your CB2 Couch? Where did you get your white coffee table? (all very house specific questions that I received)

A: The pink chairs are from TOV – you can buy them here.

I LOVE our CB2 couch (see it here). It is very deep with a low back. We were looking for an oversized couch and this one has been perfect. Since it is so deep I would recommend getting large/overstuffed pillows for the back or it can be slightly uncomfortable to sit on due to the depth.

I am not sure which coffee table you are referring to. The white one from the sunroom is available here, and you can find the large marble one in the living area here.

Q: Tips for saving money? Do you have monthly financial goals?

A: Oh wow, let’s file this under things I am not qualified to speak about! I get quite a lot of questions that unfortunately I don’t feel as though I would provide much help on, and financial questions certainly fall in that category. When it comes to financials and saving there are so many other people who are far more qualified than I am. I do set monthly financial goals and budgets. My financial plan looks much different than when I was working in a corporate environment and collecting a steady paycheck. I need to be much more flexible, conservative, and think more long-term when it comes to financial planning now as my income can fluctuate greatly from month to month or even quarter to quarter. Each financial plan should be tailored to your specific needs, which is why tips for saving money are so personal!

Q: How many people are on your team?

A: I have answered this before, but it is just my husband and I! We do pick up freelance help for projects when needed. Both having managed large teams in our previous corporate careers, we view hiring employees as a huge responsibility. We don’t feel it’s entirely needed at the moment and have chosen to keep things private, small, and nimble. Strategically engaging a network of talented freelancers is the perfect way for us to enlist help without unnecessary overhead and complications. Plus, we typically don’t mind doing both the little and the big things! We also choose to not work with an agent and prefer working directly with all of our brand partners. We read lots of contracts! 😉

Q: Do you own all the clothing you post? Do you ever sell your clothing?

A: I do not! I borrow from a lot of showrooms, designers, and retailers that I keep close relationships with. Especially when I am attending a fancy event (lol that feels like a lifetime ago) and know that I most likely won’t get a lot of wear out of an occasion dress, I will typically pull a piece from a showroom. On occasion, I am gifted items, but typically prefer to buy my own pieces so there are no strings attached and I am not under any obligations to promote products. Yes, I do re-sell some items on therealreal.com, and when I was in NYC, sold and donated to Crossroads and Goodwill.

Q:What was the first luxury piece that you owned?

A: The Gucci Hobo Horsebit bag! Probably best made famous by Jessica Simpson. I was working at Saks one summer and saved all my pennies and used my double discount to purchase it! I still own it today! I mentioned that I do re-sell items, but I also hold onto many of my ‘first’ pieces primarily because they hold so many memories. Should I bring it back? Y/N?