I put up a Q&A box on instagram, but since some questions are better answered in a longer format I thought I would tackle them here! I get quite a few of the same questions I have answered in the past – so linking to those below before diving into newer questions from this week.

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How do you achieve your low bun hair? See my tutorial here.

What is your everyday make up routine? See it here.

How did you start blogging? Read about it here.

How and when did you get into the fashion industry? You can read all about that here.

Q: Three beauty products you cannot live without?

A: This face cream, this eyeliner and this stay all day lipstick.

Q: Are you back in NYC permanently? How much time do you spend there?

A: This question came up a lot understandably. We are full time in Florida but try to spend 2-3 months of the year in NYC. We keep toying with the idea of coming back but haven’t made any decisions quite yet. There are so many things I do love about Florida – the space, the ease, the pace of life, the winter weather! On the other hand there are so many things I miss about NYC – the energy, the endless restaurants, unique stores, and museums and of course my friends. Hopefully we will find a balance that works for us!

Q: What are your favorite sunglasses to wear?

A: This will be an ever evolving answer but right now I would have to say my Linda Farrow Dunaway sunglasses. You can see my full list of everyday favorites here!

Q: Great under $500 work bag?

A: Okay my commuter/work bag for many years has been this tote. It has a secure zip top, it is extremely durable, fits my laptop plus everything else I need, has multiple ways to wear and I don’t feel badly about putting it on the ground. However that bag is quite casual, so if you are in an environment in which you need a bag to be functional as well as polished enough to wear to a meeting I would probably opt for this bag. It is sturdy, has a generous shoulder drop, multiple compartments, fits a laptop and has a secure center zip!

Q: Did you start this page for fun?

A: I did!! I started this site way back in the beginning of 2010 and didn’t see this as an avenue to start a business, but the industry evolved and here we are!

Q: You favorite basics?

A: I talk a lot about that here, here and here. Overall my favorite everyday jeans are these, favorite tanks are this one and this one and my current favorite sweater is this one.

Q: Coats you are eyeing for fall?

A: So you know I am coat collector!! I have been eyeing this one and this one. They are both major investment pieces so I am not committing to them quite yet. You can follow along here to see all my fall/winter favorites as I find them.

Q: Wedding guest dress suggestions please?!

A: I love this one paired with some statement earrings for an end of summer wedding, this dress for a black tie affair, and this one that is going fast (I just wore it this past weekend to an event)!